Jill Horton’s picture book story, The Fast Little Fox, is a sweet, charming story about a little fox with a little too much energy. Yes, Freddy has a lot to learn, and this story leads young readers through Freddy’s riotous romp of discovery. The language is simple to appeal to young readers and the illustrations are spectacular and certainly help move the story along. Beautifully told and presented.

Readers’ Favorite

I bought this for my daughter in law who teaches first grade and I fell in love with the story! Freddy is frisky and right on point with the kids. The story and characters create a loving community that cares about each other. Teaches a lesson without being preachy.
I can see a whole series set around these fun engaging characters!!!!!!!

Janice E Booth

An engaging tale that sweetly teaches, among other things, that listening and caring are important. I loved how Freddy messed up by being too fast on his journey, and because of his swiftness, he was also inconsiderate of others. Later in the book, he corrects his mistakes AND apologizes. Which, without sounding preachy, too many grownups fail to do. This wonderful story tells us that we all make mistakes, especially when we’re not paying attention, and our actions can hurt others. And as we’ve been told many times, it’s good to learn from our mistakes, and having a friend guide you is sometimes all the help you need.


The story was very cute. It had lots of fun parts that my son enjoyed but it also had a great lesson about listening and helping others. I think kids would love the adventures of Freddy and the parents should love it for the lessons their kids could learn. The illustrations were great. Nice and clean looking, real high quality.

ktm5 — Vine Voice

In Jill Horton’s book, The Fast Little Fox, Freddy the fox learns a series of lessons as his adventure turns into a series of mishaps. The delightful characters are well illustrated and easily recognized by young readers. The lessons learned are of universal appeal. A wonderful book for my grandchildren! Thanks Jill!


The Fast Little Fox is an adorable children’s book filled with cute and humorous pictures. We follow Freddy Fox who runs so quickly, he makes mistakes. He makes a friend who helps him learn and he makes up for his actions.

I thought that this was a wonderful children’s book. It teaches lessons whilst also improving vocabulary. There are various animal characters for the children to learn about, each of their names beginning with the letter of what animal they are which can help to build associations for children.

This book is a great length for a story time tale and I can’t wait to see the rest of the books that Jill Horton creates. I highly recommend this book if you have children or work with them!

My rating: 5/5 stars

The Prickly Little Porcupine is a colorful and interesting book that celebrates differentness and friendship. Jill Horton’s story could help many young people gain more body-positive views, and the book could be used by librarians, teachers, and caregivers to help build self-esteem.

Readers’ Favorite

This was a fun and easy book to read to my granddaughter. The pictures helped convey the little porcupine’s feelings as she goes from one friend to another and feels left out because of her difference, her quills. Each friend during her story helps her understand that her quills aren’t that big of a deal in their friendships and that she learns to accept her differences.

It was a great learning experience for a child, so that they can accept THEIR differences and understand that just because their different doesn’t mean they can’t play and have fun with others. I thought that it was quite well written and easy to understand. Bonus is that it helped my granddaughter recognize words that were beyond her current reading level, always a plus when learning to read.


Oh, my goodness! Have you ever seen a more adorable porcupine in your life? I am in porcupine love and #coverlove.

This is the second book in The Fast Little Fox & Friends series, so it’s fun to see Freddy the fox (from book 1, The Fast Little Fox) make a brief appearance.

Posey is easy to connect with, especially for young readers who may be feeling insecure and self-conscious themselves. Her demeanor is sweet, and I love how her friends rally around her. I look forward to reading more charming tales in this delightful, edifying series.

Cover Lover Book Review

A nice story about self-acceptance. This is the second book in the “The Fast Little Fox & Friends” series but the stories are standalone.

The story is quite sweet and well-written. Through Posey’s day, we get to see not just what porcupines do, but also how being a prickly animal can be a hurdle in the forest. At the same time, kids will also learn the valuable moral that if we accept ourselves, others will accept us too. Just like charity begins at home, love begins with loving ourselves.

It was also fun to see the friendship across a variety of forest dwellers. Kids are sure to enjoy the animals.


This Children’s picture book is really sweet and cute, it has a lovely theme of friendship.

It also shows differences are not a bad thing and that we should accept and love who we are.

Overall, a cute and lovely children’s picture showing friendship and the importance of accepting your differences.

My Daughter’s thoughts (Age 9) – I loved it as it has my favourite animal in, and it is a really nice story as the porcupine makes lots of friends.